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& Save Money.

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The Right


we obsess about your objectives.

Whether a digital marketing initiative is to be deemed successful by:

  • increasing Casino Player Value and Net Gaming Revenue (NGR),
  • or by reducing your company’s cost-per-acquisition and/or dependence on Online Travel Agencies (OTAs) and/or Concierge for bookings, and thus, reducing commissions expenses,
  • or by improving efficiency and reducing waste for digital advertising campaigns…

today’s digital marketing umbrella covers a very large number of marketing opportunities, which grow more and more complicated everyday. Casino and Tourism Marketing Directors require a flexible and multi-faceted team of experts to provide insights, develop customized strategies, execute, measure results and conduct ongoing optimizations, to achieve the pre-defined objectives.

your team of experts

Our Team of experts in casino, tourism, and retail marketing at Right Stuff Media, create a competitive advantage for our Clients by providing them resources-on-demand by essentially tripling the size of their marketing team in not only size, but more importantly, expertise, while helping to lower their costs through many efficiencies which we achieve together in partnership.

The Right


Begins with Understanding Your Needs.

Sure, many engagements start with “our website is dated/broken and the traffic is stagnant” or “PPC advertising campaigns costs are too high” or “our competition is all over these targeted terms, and we are nowhere to be found”, but once diving in, it is quickly realized that the online brand in question is fragmented (often severely), and the overall lack of focus is why exposure, sales and conversions are not hitting targets, and the competition is pulling ahead.

Fact is, if it’s being done right, it’s never as simple as just slapping up a new website. More, each and everyday, a company’s online presence, made up of their website, audience engagements (e.g. social media, email marketing, reputation management), digital advertising, SEO/SEM efforts, content marketing, etc. etc.) are not only amazingly interconnected, but also interdependent. At the same time, there is probably an infinite number of ways to approach a problem, and so which one do you choose? Which area is going to fit within the budget, and produce the largest ROI?

Our focus for our Clients is first, and foremost, to listen. By truly understanding the problem, and the constraints (every project has them), we can ensure a quality solution to our Client’s challenges with digital marketing, which not only increases revenue, but also provides a synergistic approach by incorporating a number of processes and dimensions, within your company. This not only results in a boost in credibility in the marketplace, but also a measured increased conversions and sales.


A partner that knows your Casino Entertainment, Tourism and Retail business provides the RIGHT customized plan, without the pitfalls.


RSM’s multi-faceted approach results in a TRUE Marketing Platform, so it may perform on all of the levels required, for results that move the needle.


Stay current with social media and email marketing changing strategies and technologies to reach your full market potential.


Ensuring you reach new heights by incorporating everything from website, to social media to email marketing into effective Search Engine Optimization strategy for today.


Methodologies and technologies resulting in highly-optimized ecommerce and ticketing conversion funnels which = INCREASED SALES.


Highly targeted strategies and artificial intelligence algorithms focusing on buyers’ behaviours, thus ending the waste of valuable advertising budgets.

The Right


casino marketing

Casino marketing is as unique as the games on the floor and the players who play them. RSM’s goal is to ensure sure that the house always wins online! Having become domain experts in Casino Marketing we bringing creative ideas to your team, we help increase player value and Net Gaming Revenue (NGR), all while working together as an extension of your team, delivering and executing strategies that maximize your investment and deliver measurable results.

tourism marketing

RSM has first-hand experience in the tourism and hospitality industry whereby the Principals have owned a travel magazine and online travel portal website for over 15 years. With intimate knowledge with how travelers behave online and how to market to this lucrative audience, RSM stands ready to help you reach new heights.

destination marketing

Convention & Visitor Bureaus, Cities & Towns and Chambers of Commerce bring unique requirements when marketing a tourism destination online, on behalf of their constituents. RSM has worked with these organizations for many years to drive increased traffic and business, resulting in increased sales tax and bed tax revenue for the municipality.

retail & services

RSM’s expertise in maximizing conversions while minimizing cost per acquisition for our retail and services clients is based in the latest methodologies and artificial intelligence algorithms. Did you know that if the average website doesn’t load in 2-3 seconds you could be losing up to 70% of sales? At RSM, we mitigate these and many other obstacles to help maximize sales and customer experience.

The Right


In God we trust, all others bring data.

As a by product of a collaborative partnership, and our passion for EPIC Customer Service, we believe that results must be measurable, understandable, contextual, and especially based on the numbers. Our mantra, to borrow a phrase, is “In God we trust, all others bring data!

By obsessing about the larger challenges our Clients are facing, we not only deliver increases in sales, but also important reduced time-to-market, fewer internal process steps, decreased advertising budget waste, all contributing to an excellent ROI.

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